Telemobile Y2K Compliance Statement

Telemobile equipment is, and always has been, Year 2000 compliant. No modifications are required on any previously produced product.

By "Year 2000 compliant" we mean that Telemobile equipment will continue to function and its functionality and accuracy (both logical and mathematical) will not be affected as a result of the run date or the dates being processed, irrespective of which century the dates fall in. The Year 2000 is recognized as a leap year and accepts 29 February 2000 as a valid date in Telemobile products that utilize date references.

If the product you have does not have any specific built-in date reference mechanism, it is also considered Year 2000 compliant.

If you have any additional questions or would like more specific information about any particular product, please contact Telemobile Inc.'s Technical Services Department at the above phone and fax numbers, or via e-mail to:


Telemobile Inc.


Page Last Updated February 3, 2004

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